Our Vision

With the skills, knowledge and experience in waste and resources management, our operations team shares a vision in building a zero-waste world without compromising the environment health and safety of the public.

Our Value

About Autocycle International

Autocycle International is an Australian waste recycler founded in 2020 with head office based in Melbourne. We are a forward-thinking recycler that focuses on solving waste problems of the country. The business team of Autocycle International is young and environmentally conscious, while our operations team possesses extensive skill, knowledge and experience in waste and resource management. While Australian Governments are rolling out new policies to manage waste tyres, Autocycle International is joining the recycling force to address the immediate crisis of pollutions caused by illegal dumping of waste tyres. In Autocycle International, we believe that running a recycling business is about providing a sustainable waste solution to the society while protecting our employees, the community, and the future generation.

Autocycle International’s promise.

Zero pollution – Autocycle International ensures all incoming waste tyres are tracked and originated from a known source. The recycling technology adopted are free-of-pollutions. All wastes generated from the business will be managed by licensed contractors to ensure there is no harm caused to the environment and the community. No outdoor storage – Outdoor storage of waste tyres poses high fire risk to the community, Autocycle International has eliminated such risk by strictly banning storage of waste tyres outdoor during its operation. Product Quality – Autocycle International values its customers and their requirements in specifications and packaging requirements, all products of Autocycle International can be tailor-made to the customers’ specification, with the line of production closely monitored and performance reported internally. Compliance – Autocycle International promises that it will strictly follow the regulations and requirements from the government authorities. Australian made – Autocycle International promises all products are 100% Australian made.

Where Is Autocycle International Heading?

Autocycle International will move forward strategically, sustainably, innovatively, and internationally. While Autocycle International is a dedicated waste recycler, we are also actively seeking new roles to play in the in the circular economy of Australia. In Autocycle International, our management and operations teams had put in every effort in business planning, designing the facility and equipment, so we can deliver waste solutions that are future proof and optimised for the local Australian market.

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