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EOLT Collection

Autocycle International’s designated end-of-life tyres (EOLTs) collection team supports our customer with a responsive logistic service.

EOLT Recycling

Autocycle International’s recycling facility provides Australia with a more sustainable alternative to landfill.

Waste to Resources

Autocycle International adopts an innovative approach and process that encourages total resources recovery and supports a wide variety of industries in Australia.

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Overview of EOLTS Challenges

50 Million

50 million of EOLTS generated each year. Enough to fill up one and three quarters of Melbourne Cricket Ground, or to cover area equivalent to eight Canberra CBD.

High Cost

High local recovery cost encourages exportation and stockpiling of EOLTs, only 4% of passenger tyres and 34% of truck tyres are being recovered locally in Australia from 2018-2019.

Fire Hazard

EOLTs are well-known for its fire hazards and associated risks to human health and the environment. In fact, frequent fire incidents of EOLTs recycling facility in recent years had created tensions amongst the society, and driven the policies and regulations to scrutinise the management of EOLTs in Australia.


Illegal dumping and close of EOLTs recycling business have left Australia millions of EOLTs to clean-up. It has always been a challenge to trace the EOLTs and ensure the recovery of EOLTs locally in Australia.

Autocycle International’s approach towards EOLTs Challenges

  • Circular Economy

    Autocycle International is committed to creating a healthy and safe work environment and culture for its employees and the community. No effort will be spared to ensure the health and safety of the employees and the public is protected.

  • 100% Local

    At Autocycle, we support local economy. All products from Autocycle are proudly 100% Australian sourced and recycled, and therefore our business has less carbon footprint.

  • Environment, Health, Safety

    At Autocycle, we protect our employees, community and environment. Our processes and procedures are carefully designed and implemented, so we can be a solution to the EOLTs challenge./p>

  • Leading Edge

    Autocycle International believes being an innovative recycler is the key to success. We carefully plan and adopt approaches and technologies that grant us the privilege to run recycling process effectively under a cleaner and safer environment.

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